It really shouldn’t matter what jurisdiction an EMS, Fire Fighter or Law Enforcement Officer reports to. They all should be able to access and share a common situational awareness picture wherever they go. This ability may even be more important to the 69% of all firefighters residing across our nation who are volunteers, and as such don’t have access to fixed-mounted display systems in their privately-owned vehicles. With the advent of smartphones and tablets they soon will be able to download the FRX app, securely login and begin to visualize, interact act with, and explore options based on updated content arriving in near real-time. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 9.57.46 PM copy.jpg

Here is a recent screenshot of our First Response eXplorer (FRX) mobile app complete with multiple fire perimeter overlays portraying the fires we have burning around us here in SoCal.

FRX increases a first responder’s ability to assess the situation long before they arrive on scene, directly impacting their first actions when they do arrive. FRX is currently in the Alpha Testing phase, and we are targeting a March 2018 release in the FirstNet App Store. Between now and then, our hopes and prayers are with those who choose to protect us all. They deserve the very best capabilities mankind can provide, and we aim to deliver that capability in the weeks and months ahead.