Empowering those who protect us


We are accomplished systems architects, software engineers, game-designers, project managers, inventors, tinkerers and volunteers who get excited about creating solutions that empower mobile users - specifically those dedicated to protecting us domestically and abroad.  We know that with the right focus and the right talent, the range of capabilities you can deliver on mobile, embedded, and cloud-based computing platforms can be pretty amazing.  Our passion is to envision, create, and deliver capabilities that nobody has had access to before, and to have fun doing it!  


MISSION:  "Empowering Those Who Protect Us"

SLOGAN:  "We Code - So You Don't Have To"



We are innovators focused on resolving real-world challenges through mobile and cloud-based computing platforms.  When our founder started on this journey (some 30 years ago) he wrote and ran his first lines of software (code) on a large computer that physically occupied a large government-funded laboratory housed inside a re-purposed aircraft hanger.  Since that time his software creations have ran on smaller and smaller computing devices, including those residing in rack-mounted computer subsystems, and across multiple embedded single board computers (SBCs) carried aloft in within various manned and unmanned military aircraft. 

Today we carry multi-core computing solutions in our pockets that continue to eclipse the processing power residing in systems that came before them.  Software downloaded to these mobile devices can operate independently from, or in conjunction with content they access from "the cloud", which often originates from computers provisioned and distributed across the globe.  Its hard to recognize how far the computing and software industry has come in the past three decades, but one way to look at this is that very the hanger our founder once worked in no longer exists, and each member of his family - including his grand children, carry around more computing, display, and networking power than was available a CRAY super computer of that era.  The future of computing and software is still being written, but one thing is clear, yesteryear's solutions will be replaced by smaller, faster, cheaper solutions sooner than you might expect it.  iCode was founded to be one of those innovative change agents.  



Our ability to empower users through mobile and unmanned solutions is what drives us each and every day.  Each opportunity is unique, and we have seen where one-size-fits-all approaches fall far short of an end-user's actual needs.  In these situations working alongside personnel in the field is often the best way to assess where off-the-shelf solutions or those we have previously created might be sufficient, and where real innovations may be needed.  It takes a Team to fully develop and deliver on a concept, and we often partner with other small bushiness, non-profit agencies, and governmental agencies to push the envelop of where we have been in the past.  When a significant investment in innovation development is necessary, a Collaborative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) is often used to clarify the role of each party and the contributions each will provide.  It outlines the anticipated benefits each party will receive as a result of the collaboration effort, and the anticipated length of the joint endeavor.  When your organization is ready to explore "the Art of the Possible" send us an email.  We would like to help you create a better future.

If you have questions, or would like to sign up as a Beta Tester, please send us a message and we will get back with you:

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